Opal Wide-Leg Trousers By Fibremood

Opal Wide-Leg Trousers By Fibremood

When you’ve been given 3 metres of fabric and have plenty left from your previous make, of course, you have to go for a complete co-ord set and make the Opal wide-leg trousers by Fibremood. It would have been rude not to eh?

If you read last week’s post you’ll have seen my Quilla top from the latest Fibremood collection. It’s a charming design and I thought it would look fab with some wide trousers for a complete look or the versatility of mixing and matching with other pieces from my wardrobe.

(AD, fabric and pattern received for collaboration on Instagram)

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As mentioned in my previous post, the fabric by Fibremood is a viscose and linen blend which is very soft and drapey. It’s ideal for some cool and breezy summer trousers. The Opals are a simple pared-back design with no pockets or fancy details, just a plain contoured waistband and a side zip. I think they’re perfect for the fabric.

Opal Wide-Leg Trousers Pattern Adjustments etc.

I cut a size 10 and graded down a bit for my hips and up for my waist. I also added some extra to the hem to allow for adjustments when finishing off. One thing that I noticed, for me at least, is that the pattern seems rather long/deep in the crotch so I lowered the top edge of the pants by about 2.5cm (1”) and scooped down a bit more at the front. I did my usual back crotch straightening and scooping for my flat bottom.

I actually found these trousers to be quite a nice easy make. I didn’t do any fancy inside details this time (like nice binding on the inner waistband for instance) as I had no lovely matching offcuts suitable for finishing touches like that. Anyway, it made for a pleasant and fairly fast sew. 

One thing I did do out of necessity was to add a bit of extra lining for the top part of the pant as it was possible to slightly see my underwear though. I found a very lightweight bit of silk crepe in my stash and mounted the top bit of the pants onto it. The lining finishes about 2” past the crotch seam. It adds a little bit of extra density to the main fabric without adding bulk or weight.

 I used a concealed zip instead of the regular one referred to in the instructions and I just happened to find mine in my zipper box. It’s not a great match but that’s ok with me and it didn’t even have a zip pull on it, but I tied a little piece of narrow ribbon to the end which does the job just fine. ‘Waste not want not’ eh?

I love how comfy these trousers are, they feel like pyjamas but look elegant. 

Opal Wide-Leg Trousers By Fibremood
Opal Wide-Leg Trousers By Fibremood

When I had this whole ensemble on and I was taking my photos, hubby said I looked great and I commented that I felt like I ought to be wafting around and lounging on a chaise longue or daybed sipping vodka martinis (bought to me by a handsome waiter) somewhere in a glamorous Italian resort….yeah, in my dreams 😁. I might, however, be taking it with me to Greece on a family holiday in a few weeks.

As you can probably tell, I love these Opals and love them with the matching top. I also love that both pieces go with many other pieces from my wardrobe which I’m really pleased about. 

Opal Wide-Leg Trousers By Fibremood

I hope you like these trousers as much as I do. I’m looking forward to warm balmy days to wear them.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon!

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  1. Dennine
    May 13, 2023 / 4:19 pm

    These look great, Diane!

    Could you comment more on how you did the lining?
    I’m wondering about how you keep the lining from showing through.
    I get that colour-wise it’s preventing show-through, but how did you finish the bottom edge so that it doesn’t create a ridge?
    Is it just the fullness of this particular pair that lets you get away with it, similar to a skirt?
    Or is the lining fabric fine enough that there’s no perceptible edge?

    Thanks for any more info you have!

    • Diane
      May 13, 2023 / 8:53 pm

      Thank you! So before I did anything with the lining, I tested how to hem the lower edge and in the end to reduce a ridge as mush as possible I simply overlocked it and left it flat, no turning up or anything, just the overlocked edge. Over the years of sewing for others and sometimes doing alterations, I’ve come across RTW trousers where the lining is just overlocked.
      Then after that I just laid the pieces of lining onto the fabric pieces and basted it on top around the edges then I sewed up the trousers as if they were a single layer.
      Also you’re right, I think the fact that these trousers are looser does help to disguise that lower edge I think…that and probably the fact that the lining isn’t very long either.

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