Hi! I’m Diane and I’ve been a sewist for many years… all my life in fact. I remember growing up watching my mom sew. She’s also been a sewist all her life and I learned from her almost by osmosis from when I was a tiny tot. I remember that my very first makes were dolls dresses and I also dabbled in patchwork and tapestry at some point too.  I then tried my hand at sewing some basic things to wear like ‘A’ line skirts  and simple tops using mom’s sewing machine. I made my first proper piece of tailoring at aged 15 (done with help from mom).  It was a pure wool equestrian style jacket in muted Autumnal dogs tooth weave, I so wish I still had it!  Anyway, fast forward a few decades of sewing for myself and taking on sewing work for others too, and it brings me to just recently when for some reason I had an urge to start a sewing blog…so here I am! Mad? Probably….but I’d love to see where it takes me.

So, style-wise, I often love to incorporate a few modern trends in my wardrobe and by sewing them myself it guarantees that nobody else will be wearing the exact same item, plus it fits…I really love the idea of having a unique wardrobe and sewing my own is a great way to do it.  I also have a real fondness for classic pieces like a great trench coat for instance and mixing classics with trends is actually one of my favourite ways of dressing. In my blog I’ll  be sharing some of my makes and other related things like inspiration, planning, pattern tweaks and perhaps some techniques too. It would be really lovely if you stopped by to take a look and and maybe even say hi. I hope you enjoy it!