About Me


Hi! I’m Diane.  I was born and raised in the West Midlands area of the UK where I now live with my husband, teenage son and my cat/sewing room helper called Bilbo.

I come from an artsy family. My brother, my dad and I always loved to draw and paint when I was growing up. My dad also loves photography and has passed that love on to me too. On my mum’s side of the family, going back as far as her grans and great grans,  there are also knitters and milliners. Mum has always sewn, crocheted and knitted but it’s her long-lasting love of sewing that has become my passion as well.

I learned to sew from a very young age as I watched mum sew her own clothes and sew for others too. Some early memories are of me standing and holding a box of pins and passing them to her as she fitted clients.

I started off by sewing dolls clothes and then moved on to basic skirts and tops. My first proper big make was when I was 15. It was a hacking jacket made of a lovely dogs tooth checked pure wool fabric. It was a Vogue pattern and mum helped and guided me through the whole process. I was so proud of it….damn I wish I had kept it!

Ever since those first makes the sewing bug has stayed with me. For quite some time I followed in mum’s footsteps and I worked for others, either making from scratch or altering and remodelling RTW. It’s been a fantastic experience to learn how to fit so many different shapes and sizes of women. During busy times, however, I couldn’t sew much for myself and several years back (coinciding with my son growing up) I decided to cut right back on work so that I could make more for myself. I started to hone my style and work out what I liked to wear and make. I’m now at a place where over 90% of my wardrobe is memade and it feels great!

Moving on…and 2016 was the year I discovered the Instagram sewing community. I also discovered more and more sewing blogs that I enjoyed reading. Later that year I began to realise that I really wanted to have a go at starting a sewing blog myself, so in January of 2017  ‘Dream.Cut. Sew’ was born….

Now… I remember that I always loved looking at the designer patterns in the big Vogue catalogues when I used to fabric shop with mum and I’m even more passionate about fashion and style these days…. A short correspondence course in pattern cutting and design that I took 8 years ago resulted in a diploma and whilst the pattern making/cutting method I learned wasn’t a widely used one and I’ve forgotten a lot of the complicated maths techniques involved, the pattern manipulation techniques have stood me in good stead, making me confident at changing patterns around to get the looks that I want emulating the designer styles that inspire me so much…..Consequently, you’ll see a fair bit of pattern hacking and designer emulation here on my blog. I’ll also share any techniques with you that I think you’ll find useful and I’ll document my makes and share all things sewing and sewing related that interest me (hopefully you too) including trends and new patterns, etc.

The makes that I’ll show you? Well, my style is a little eclectic with a solid base of classic to ground it. I like to mix modern trends with classic items and to put my creative spin on basic pieces too. I’m not really into fit and flare styles, florals or much in the way of vintage looks.  If there is any vintage it’s more likely to be 60’s 70’s or 80s and always with a modern twist or a touch of classic mixed with it. I use a lot of plain fabrics, some textures, a few patterned fabrics (love tartan!) quite a lot of knits and great quality wools. I hope you’ll follow along with me as I show you my creations and share my love of sewing.