Palazzos Plus Fitted Top: Festive Style Look 7

The penultimate outfit in my mini-series of dressy outfit ideas features my shimmer pleat palazzos and a fitted top that actually looks a little different to when I first showed it to you on my blog, more on that later though…

When I was thinking of outfits to put together I knew I wanted to do something that included my flowing, shimmer palazzos but I kind of surprised myself when I came up with this pairing. I think it’s because my top is made from quilting cotton and is quite different in vibe to the pearlised glam look of the pants, yet I think it works well 🙂 And the fact that my clutch bag perfectly matches the background colour of the spotty fabric is a big bonus. I must admit I fee pretty fab in this 🙂

The palazzo pants that I made specifically for the Dressmakers Ball were made using OOP Vogue 8866 in a micro pleat jersey fabric that has a foiled shimmer coating. I bought it from White Lodge Fabric and it wasn’t the easiest of fabrics to sew. If you want to read about the process take a look at the original post here

My short fitted top was made quite some time ago and featured on my blog here. Originally there were little shoulder extensions to create a kind of structured cap sleeve effect but I realised that I never felt quite right when I wore it and decided that I might like it better without them…I was right. So I unpicked them off and added a simple white cotton binding turned to the inside. I love the sleeker silhouette now.

This outfit would work well for a dressy evening do, but don’t you think it would also be great for a daytime summer wedding? I really like the combination.

So I just have the finale outfit to show you…it’s a good one! Stay tuned.I’ll be publishing on Sunday, Dec 23rd. See you then!

PS here are the other posts in this series: One, two, three, four, five, six,

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  1. Brenda Webster
    December 21, 2019 / 7:01 pm

    Hello Diane
    I enjoy these lovely posts but recently read an article on my news feed FASHION REVOLUTION. Their focus is on correcting the damage done by fast fashion and all environmental and social issues that are part of “ cheap clothes to us” . The concern expressed was that many many young women feel they cannot be seen in the same outfit more than once and especially at holiday season. They buy inexpensive sparkling, sequinned ,shiny glitz without thinking about the impact of toxic manufacturing and underpaid workers.
    Of course this does not apply to what you do… the skill, personal inspiration and time consuming labour you pour into your garment construction is exceptional. How often do you find you are able to wear each of the seven I have seen so far….. are these for your personal wardrobe or are they destined for the closet of another lucky wearer?
    Please be assured that this is not a criticism….. please keep creating and posting your beautiful work. I would be interested in reading about how often you are able to enjoy wearing each of your creations.

    An admiring readied
    Brenda Webster
    Fortunately, there is a new and growing generation of home sewists….

    • diane
      December 21, 2019 / 9:43 pm

      What a great point Brenda and no criticism taken :). And I’m happy to answer your excellent question. So of all of the outfits that you’ve seen in the series, all pieces are for my own wardrobe. The newest pieces are the lace top and the shimmer pants in this post, so at the moment those two items have only been worn a couple of times. My red dress has already been worn several times, the black pants have been worn a lot and the leather jacket also, though that wasn’t made by me. I won’t be passing any pieces on and what I tend to do with fancier items is to refashion them into new designs or into more every day pieces when I’ve worn them on several nights out (oh, and I’m not averse to wearing items more than once :)). The red dress might end up as a sweater at some point. These full-length palazzos may be shortened. My cocktail dress might have the fancy sleeves taken out to become a summer dress for my holidays…etc, etc.

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