Vikisews May Top In Ivory Ribbed Jersey

Vikisews May Top

 Hello! Two blog posts in fairly quick succession what’s going on? Well, I just couldn’t wait to share my new Vikisews May Top with you because it’s my first time trying this new-to-me pattern company and I think I’m hooked. It was Bianca (@sleepless_in_bavaria on IG) who first bought them to my notice in her IG Stories and a quick DM to her helped to make up my mind to try them out. They’re a Russian company and have quite a big website I believe they have lessons and courses as well as a large selection of patterns Google Translate can help you out with navigating the website and I found the buying process very easy.

The styles on the website are on-trend and modern and there’s a really lovely variety of them from fabulous coats and dresses to trendy pants, tops and sweatshirts. I wondered how hard it would be to follow the instructions though and yes, they are all in Russian, but the great thing is that each step has clear photographic images to accompany them and I managed just fine.

So as I said this is the May top it’s a cropped close-fitting top with cutaway armholes or as the website calls them American armholes they slant high onto the shoulder line at an angle and there’s a little roll neck to finish off the look. Also as you can plainly see from my photos I lengthened my version by several inches.

Vikisews May Top in Ivory Ribbed Jersey

What fabric did I use? Well, I’m so glad you asked. It’s the most sublimely soft ribbed modal which I bought from MeterMeter and unless it’s been restocked in this ivory colourway. then I’m really sorry because I nabbed the last of their stock I bought 2.9 m with the plan of making as many tops as I could from it. I’m hoping to manage 3 out of it. 

Now, this fabric is a bit translucent and I wanted a more dense colour that wouldn’t show underwear through, so I’ve actually sewn my top in double thickness but more on that in a bit…

So the pattern has just 3 pieces…there’s a back, front and collar. Seam allowances are included and this design has only 15 pages to stick together. I ordered a size 38 but after measuring the pieces which obviously had some negative ease I still thought it would be a bit too close-fitting over my bust so I did an FBA and as I already mentioned I added about 7 inches to the length.  I’m thinking I could have actually tried a size 40 so I might do that next time if I choose another close-fitting design.

And the double thickness fabric? That was easy. I just added a fold line at the hems and cut the rest of the top out as normal plus it gave me the added bonus of not having to sew the hems up yay! 

Vikisews May Top
Vikisews May Top
Vikisews May Top

This was a quick make that I sewed on the overlocker and it all went really well… that is until I thought I’d be clever and add narrow armhole bands rather than just turn the seam allowances in as the pattern instructions tell you to. It took me 3 bloomin’ goes to get them right! And let me tell ya, there they were a bugger to unpick. Anywho all’s well that ends well and they turned out ok, plus I adore my little tank top which is perfect for layering under jackets and cardigans. Also, it’s super comfy and soooooo soft! Love how it looks with my BurdaStyle denim crops as well.

So tell, me…have you ever tried Vikisews patterns before? How did you get on? Let me know in comments.

Well, that’s it for this post. I’ll be back soon with more sewing inspiration. Take care x

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Vikisews May Top

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  1. May 12, 2020 / 12:03 am

    Love Viki Sews patterns! Glad to hear you are addicted to them too,

    • diane
      May 12, 2020 / 10:09 am

      I think I’m a convert, Emma! And thanks for stopping by my blog xx

  2. LoriAnne
    May 12, 2020 / 1:20 pm

    I’m going to have to give them a try, but did I miss the email on the pants? They’re so cute. Love the pockets!!

    • diane
      May 12, 2020 / 2:37 pm

      Thanks, LoriAnne! Let me know what you think if you try one of their patterns. Ooh and I forgot to link to my pants. They are from a year or so ago…I’ve updated my post with a link at the end. They’re Burda 102 from May 2017

      • LoriAnne
        May 13, 2020 / 1:01 am

        Thanks for the pants pattern info and I’m going to try the skort pattern. I’m not allowd to wear shorts to work
        so with a skort I might get it sneaked it by the bosses.

        • diane
          May 13, 2020 / 2:21 pm

          You’re welcome. Ooh, I know the skort pattern that you mean…it looks great…enjoy!

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