Sewing Inspiration: Autumn/Winter Trends 21/22

The months have rolled by and once again here I am with another trends post. If you already follow me you’ll know this is something that I do twice a year and it’s always a lot of fun to put together. So shall we dive into getting some sewing inspiration from Autumn/Winter trends 21/22? Yes, let’s!

Oh, before we do get started…for my friends in the Southern Hemisphere, here’s my Spring post from earlier this year.

Sewing Inspiration From Autumn/ Winter Trends 21/22 Overview

Just like the last two seasons, designers were having to work in strange circumstances for customers whose lives have been reshaped by the pandemic. They’ve been designing for a new outdoor life that many of us have been embracing and also designing with comfort in mind for those of us that have been at home a lot…but they’ve also been prepping for what we all hope for in the coming years …‘The Roaring 20s’.

Creativity still reigned supreme and of course, a lot of this creativity was shown to the public and press virtually. Many designers made elaborate videos like short films, all beautifully shot and showcasing the latest trends. Continuing the theme of the last few years of trends, a focus on individuality was the main theme, with no single trend being the star. 

Autumn/Winter Pantone Colours

Pantone always forecast a new range of colours with each season and two slightly different ones were produced for London and New York. They both feature the predicted colours used by designers as they show their collections. Let’s have a look at the two ranges, each with 10 main colours and 4 core classics…

First up is London and the main 10 colours showcased some rather bold brights as well as more grounded shades like Downtown Brown and First Blush

Next is New York and again some very bold colours are featured, especially Fuschia Fedora and Illuminating. 

Are you taken with any of the colours? Let me know in the comments.

The Really, Really, Really Long List Of Trends:

  • Sheer garments, some embellished with sequins, embroidery or bows.
  • One-piece bodysuits.
  • Very bright colours.
  • Fun going out clothes with a little comfort thrown into the mix.
  • Dark denim…jeans(wider legs), bombers and jackets.
  • Puffer jackets.
  • Mini skirts and dresses.
  • All sorts of knitwear…skirts, dresses, sweaters, jackets.
  • Very long sleeves scrunched up or hanging over hands (this would irritate the heck out of me!).
  • Bundled up skiwear-type dressing.
  • Sequins.
  • Unusual colour combinations.
  • Lots of tailoring all worn together, like coats layered over blazers.
  • Roaring 20s vibe with luxe flapper style dresses in slinky fabrics and 90s slip dress styles.
  • Cropped jackets and tops, but with a sophisticated vibe…think chic pantsuit.
  • Midi skirts and dresses, often pleated or ‘A’ line.
  • Cosy looks but not sweats.
  • The suit coat…a jacket but longer.
  • Vibrant patterns in unusual designs…not much floral.
  • The little black dress, often at mini dress length.
  • Knit vests.
  • Pretty pink tones.
  • Lace embellishments.
  • Fringing.

Accessory Trends:

  • Big hoop earrings, either in size or chunkiness.
  • Platform and flatform shoes.
  • Lots of jewellery all worn together, like layered necklaces worn with earrings and bracelets all at the same time.
  • Belts with fancy buckles.
  • Retro glasses frames.
  • Snoods or balaclavas
  • Fancy large shopping totes.
  • Curve shaped bags.
  • Leather knee boots (yes!).

Runway Inspiration From The Designers:

Click on the designer’s names under each group of pictures to see all the images of their full show on Vogue


Sewing Patterns:

And now for a few sewing patterns that I feel pick up on a few of the trends. Of course, a lot of pattern companies and independent designers will be bringing out new designs as the season gets going. But if you’re anything like me, I bet you have something in your stash that is suitable or can be adapted. (Click on the image to be taken to the relevant website).

Grasser puffer jacket: Sewing Inspiration: Autumn/Winter Trends 21/22
Belen Bodysuit by Masin: Sewing Inspiration: Autumn/Winter Trends 21/22

Style arc Harriet jacket: Sewing Inspiration: Autumn/Winter Trends 21/22
Vogue 1643 pleated skirt: Sewing Inspiration: Autumn/Winter Trends 21/22
VOGUE 1643
Vogue 1819 colour block dress: Sewing Inspiration: Autumn/Winter Trends 21/22
VOGUE 1819
Blixen Blazer by Wardrobe By Me : Sewing Inspiration: Autumn/Winter Trends 21/22
Masin Sicily Slip Dress
Sewing Inspiration: Autumn/Winter Trends 21/22

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this delve into the newest trends. I’ve been planning a few new makes and I may or may not have been adding to my fabric stash as well 😉 For the first time I’ve ordered some gorgeous Merino from The Fabric Store in New Zealand and some from LouLouDesigns too…that’s my knitwear sorted!

As far as I’m concerned…In the new season colours, I’m excited about lovely mustards, browns, rich reds and rusts. I love the idea of wide-leg jeans, tailoring, lots of knits and I’d like to try unusual colour combos. In accessories, I’m interested in chunky hoop earrings and knee-high boots. 

How about you…anything appeal to you? Anything you’re not as keen on?

Let me know in the comments section.

And on that note, I’ll catch you next time…

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  1. September 5, 2021 / 7:45 am

    Like you said, there are so many different trends at the moment! I liked Bottega Veneta.

    • diane
      September 5, 2021 / 10:09 am

      Cheers Catherine. Ues, so many trends, it’s crazy! I can see why you’re drawn to Veneta…very ‘you’

  2. Jocelyn Chilvers
    September 5, 2021 / 4:59 pm

    Thanks for this trends round-up, Diane! I especially enjoyed seeing the casual, classic designs of Staud, a new to me designer. As far as colors go, Ibiza Blue would probably be my first choice for a fun pop of winter color.

    • diane
      September 5, 2021 / 6:28 pm

      Ohhh, you’re welcome, Jocelyn! Glad you enjoyed it. Ibiza Blue is lovely and could be paired with some unusual colour combos as well as classic black or white.

  3. Heather Myers
    September 5, 2021 / 9:14 pm

    Hi, I’m liking the brightness / less black in the NY colors, and am drawn to fuchsia and adobe. Plus rich purple and violet, not on the list. 😊 I just bought rayon fabric with a large floral on off white for the wide strap Sicily slip dress, unusual for my typical single color choices -from the new Core Fabrics (Closet Core’s new fabric online store). It has all colors mentioned above! Plus a deep rose “pantry” ponte I’m planning to make up.
    2 of my favorite designers are Room 502 and Gabriela Hearst; have you checked them out for ideas?

    • diane
      September 6, 2021 / 10:34 am

      Hi Heather. I’m rather pleased to see a bit less black as It’s a colour I never wear and if you ever see the perfect tone of muted Violet fabric I’m all ears as I’d love to make something in that colour.
      The fabric for your Sicily dress sounds lovely! I actually won the Sicily pattern in an IG challenge, but I think the style may be a bit too unstructured for my personal style…though I love it so much on everyone.
      I loved the Gabriela Hearst show…not familiar with Room 502 though…will check them out. A fave Autumn show of mine was Luisa Sapngnoli because I loved the colour combinations so much.

  4. Linda Evans
    September 29, 2021 / 7:11 pm

    It looks like anything goes! It’s all how you put it together that makes the difference as to whether it looks fashionable or frumpy.
    The one piece that stood out for me is the mustard cardigan trimmed in burgundy by Chanel. I love it! I wish you’d show us how to make it without having to use full on couture techniques. (Someday it would be fun to attempt couture methods, though) I always have trouble with those banded knit garments. It’s difficult to get the right amount of weight/ interfacing in the band relative to the front piece. It looks great laying flat on my pressing surface, but with wear the body sags and the band ends up looking drawn up.
    So, if you’re looking for a new project, I’d be eagerly watching this one!

    • diane
      September 29, 2021 / 8:04 pm

      Hi Linda, yes, totally…anything goes right now!
      I agree, that Chanel cardigan is gorgeous isn’t it? But I’m wondering if those burgundy bands might just be un-interfaced? Hard to tell obviously, but it’s certainly tricky to avoid that sag that can sometimes happen in the body of a cardigan causing bands that are tight and pull up. I think that’s perhaps when the garment needs to be placed on a dress form to relax for a day or two and the band length assessed while it’s hanging. Maybe I will make something like it someday… I certainly have lots of lovely merino knits (I may have splurged recently)

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