Cream Wide-leg Denim Trousers

Cream Wide-leg Denim Trousers

When you find a pattern that works well for you it can end up as a TNT design(tried and true), so it makes sense to sew it again rather than going through all the hassle of adjusting and fitting a totally new design. This was just the case for my new cream wide-leg denim trousers, my second version of Simplicity 870I.

I was originally gifted this Simplicity trouser/jean pattern design by Sew Direct (you can see my original blog post review here) The pattern seems to fit me perfectly well with only minor alterations so I thought it would be a waste of energy to go to the trouble of refitting a brand new pattern.

For my second version of this pattern I used some light to mid-weight denim from Fabrics Galore, it’s a cotton/polyester and lycra blend and it feels quite soft to the touch. It’s a good weight for those not-too-hot early Summer days. 

I’ve done some different finishing details and a couple of fit tweaks this time around.  Firstly, I took a little bit of curve out of the front contoured waistbands. I wanted to straighten them a little bit so that they lay flatter and didn’t dig in my tummy along the top edge. And secondly, I’ve extended the back crotch a little bit just at the top of the inseam for a bit more sitting room. 

As for design detail tweaks, the main one is the front pockets. I’ve done a totally different shape with a curved offset opening and upper edges that slot underneath the waistband seam whilst the outer edges go right into the side seams.

Cream Wide-leg Denim Trousers
Pocket detail
Cream Wide-leg Denim Trousers
pocket close-up

To finish the pocket openings I simply used a bias piece of the same stripey linen fabric that is on the fly guard and I faced the curved edges with it, then finished off with three rows of topstitching.

I’ve omitted the belt loops and finally, I had fun with a fancy top stitch design on the back pockets.

Cream Wide-leg Denim Trousers
Back pocket detail
Cream Wide-leg Denim Trousers
Fly front detail

I’m pleased with these trouser-jeans and feel they’ve turned out well. It was a nice project that went along smoothly without any issues, which brings me back to my original point about using a pattern that you already know works for you. As the saying goes…’Better the devil you know’ 🙂 .

Cream Wide-leg Denim Trousers
Cream Wide-leg Denim Trousers
Cream Wide-leg Denim Trousers
Bck view

I have one last caveat though…I’m not happy with the length. I originally thought I would wear them with flats but now I realise that I really want to wear them with my 3 different pairs of chunky sandals which are all about 2 ½ “ high. Guess I’ll be letting the hems down then 🙂

On that note, I’ll love you and leave you and I’ll try to be back soon to share more but in the meantime, I need to get into serious holiday sewing mode in time for the end of June. wish me luck! 

See you soon!

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  1. Joan
    June 4, 2022 / 4:54 am

    These have a fun personality, Diane, and look comfy, too! Wonderful details and topstitching: love the fly facing in the contrasting stripes. I think your rear pocket design is fun AND are in a great position: centered on the fullest part of the bum, not too low, which makes the rear end look its best 😉

    • Diane
      June 4, 2022 / 7:21 pm

      Ohhh, thanks Joan! I agree, they do feel like a fun pair of pants. Glad you like my topstitching and pocket positioning 🙂

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