5 Things Inspiring Me Now Part 8

Another edition of my inspiration series! I’m hoping to get you inspired again with 5 things inspiring me now part 8. I have fun putting these posts together thinking about what’s been on my mind lately and what’s caught my eye when browsing Pinterest (something I do way too much!) 

Shall we get going? Yes, we shall!

ONE: Button-Up Fitted Shirts/Blouses

After decades of not liking button-up shirts and blouses, I suddenly find myself being a bit drawn to them and Fibremood Paulette…I blame you! An after my previous post , when I realised that that I quite liked how I felt in a blouse I’m starting to think more and more about patterns and designs along the same lines. I have minimal waist definition, so I think any future projects will need to have a fitted silhouette through the body and then I might even consider tucking in as well. 

This pattern by Vogue caught my eye and I’m sure there are many more too…

5 Things Inspiring Me Now Part 8.
Vogue 9029

Thinking a bit laterally but still with a shirt-type theme, I’ve also had some images on my Pinterest boards for a while showing a close-fit knit top with a button placket detail and a collar.

5 Things Inspiring Me Now Part 8
5 Things Inspiring Me Now Part 8

I’m planning on making one for myself (though I’ll not be leaving so many buttons open!) in a beautiful eggshell coloured Tencel blend jersey. I’m even going to try and add a cuff to the sleeves and finish it all off with some gold buttons Keep a lookout for it popping up on my blog sometime. Oh, and I see that Grasser has just released this new pattern in a similar but looser-fit design.

5 Things Inspiring Me Now Part 8

TWO: Chunky Chains

Thinking about accessories for a change and I’m finding myself drawn to the chunky chain jewellery trend. I’ve already got a couple of new purchases which I’ve been wearing a lot and I’m eyeing up some more styles too. Last year I discovered a fab UK brand called Orelia and they have some wonderful selections on their website. I’ve already purchased two necklaces and three pairs of earrings from them which seem to be of great quality. I’ve also recently found an Etsy seller on Instagram called Cosmic Chains and it looks like they have a lovely selection too

Here are a few images to whet your appetite (maybe you’ll be tempted to try the trend?):

THREE: Cut-Out Detail Tops With a Layered Effect. 

I saw these tops on Pinterest and thought how interesting they looked. In effect, it’s a sleeveless tank-style top or a camisole style with an overlay of sleeves. I’m sure it would be hackable using a couple of different top patterns and melding the two together. I’m guessing the cut-out edges could easily be bound in the same way as a tee shirt neckline. Could be fun! I’m definitely bookmarking this for a little experiment sometime.

5 Things Inspiring Me Now Part 8

FOUR: Red Spring Jackets

I’ve got my beloved Safari-style jacket which I wear a lot, but my old sage green utility-style jacket is way past it’s best these days and I’m in the market for a shortish, similar-looking jacket in red. 

I’ve already got some deep red silk/cotton blend fabric in my stash so I’ve been browsing designs. And spotted these:

5 Things Inspiring Me Now Part 8
5 Things Inspiring Me Now Part 8
5 Things Inspiring Me Now Part 8

I think I’m still kind of leaning a bit towards a utility-style for a more casual vibe and I’ve already got Grasser  509 pattern in my stash which I received for being included in Grasser’s monthly makes late last year and I’m thinking that with full-length sleeves, a bit less fullness in it and maybe some breast pockets, that it’s a good contender. 

5 Things Inspiring Me Now Part 8
Grasser Patterns 509

FIVE: Olive Colour Combinations

Olive is one of my favourite colours which for me can act as a neutral. Olive can come in many guises. Some olives are almost brown, some can lean yellow (my least favourite version) and some olives verge on a lighter more dusty sage green tone. I wear it all year round and in Spring and Summer, I love it with cream or white. 

I was investigating colour pairings for olive and found some lovely examples…some quite unexpected, but lovely!

Blair Edie never disappoints with inspiration galore:

I love this unexpected pairing with teal! This is is by Gucci from Pre-Fall 2013

This rich cool-toned burgundy looks gorgeous paired with olive pants by Savvy Southern Chic

Veronica Popoiacu from Bittersweet Colours wears the most fabulous colours and outfits.

I adore this combo with pink and the second look is a classic combo with white jeans…love!

And it seems like we’ve come to the end…do you feel inspired? Did anything catch your eye? Let me know in the comments, you know I love a natter.

Well, this post was a day later than planned being published, but life and such got in the way. And as I type this it’s a glorious afternoon so I’m off now to do a garden clear out. Then it’s back to sewing again…of course!

See you soon!

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  1. Linda (ACraftyScrivener)
    February 28, 2021 / 2:24 pm

    I also love olive green, and found a pin that inspired me to wear a slate blue top with olive bottoms. I adore the red with it though and also the teal, so I will have to see what I have to wear those color combos!! I also tried bright red pants with a burgundy top, a color combo I have seen but which I had not tried in the `real world’ but I liked it!!

    • diane
      February 28, 2021 / 7:30 pm

      Cheers, Linda! Mmmm…I bet the slate blue looked fab with Olive. And I think I’ve tried Burgundy and red and loved it! In fact, I should make an effort to shop my wardrobe to see if I can do it again.

  2. February 28, 2021 / 2:28 pm

    This was inspiring Diane! As always 🙂 Loved those examples of olive pairing – especially the olive and burgundy! I’ve been loving the latest “shacket” – a shirt that becomes a jacket or a jacket that’s a shirt. I never thought I would like that but I’ve been drawn to a number of samples. As soon as my eyesight is fully returned (one eye down, one to go!) I’m onto jackets. I’ve been wanting to make jackets for a while and now I’ve got several patterns and gorgeous fabrics (ie a lux, heavy 4 ply olive silk!) in my arsenal I can’t wait to make up 🙂 Thanks for another fabulous post.

    • diane
      February 28, 2021 / 7:33 pm

      You’re very welcome as always, Kathleen! So glad to have inspired you.
      Shackets…yes! I keep feeling tempted by the style and was wondering about it for my red fabric too…ooh, decisions, decisions. Glad to hear that the eyes ops are going well.

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