Sewing Inspiration: Autumn Trends 2020

I’m back with the second of my Biannual trends post for this year and this time it’s your sewing inspiration for Autumn trends 2020. At the start of each new fashion season I gather all the info you’ll need to inspire your sewing projects, including colours, main trends to watch for, runway inspiration, accessories and even a few sewing patterns. 2020 has been a very different kind of year for sure, though the fashion shows highlighting the new season trends were held way back in February. Let’s escape for a while, get inspired and plan for some pizzazz in our wardrobes. Even if it’s just for a grocery store visit 😉

For my lovely readers in the Southern Hemisphere, you could check out this post on Spring trends as you enter your warmer seasons 🙂

Ok, so let’s get cracking with your sewing inspiration from Autumn trends 2020…


Like recent years the main theme is of doing your own thing, being individual and creative in your style. Eclecticism rules OK :).

This was very evident in many designers showing mash-ups of separates, clashing colours and shapes. Beadwork was worn with ties, blazers with bubble skirts, plus crazy mixes of textures. Old style tailoring though is bigger than ever in the guise of the skirt suit and in long overcoats. 

That evergreen classic of plaid was seen on a lot of runways…checks of all kinds in fact. A favourite collection of mine featuring checks was the Michael Kors show.

Fur, as always, was featured a lot, but the difference this year is that it’s bigger and shaggier than ever and in bold colours. Speaking of colours…


Pantone showed different palettes for London and New York. Both ranges had several bold and vibrant colours and include some similar tones. They make for some fun possibilities for optimistic and dramatic combinations.

Here is the London collection. I’m drawn to Samba, Military Olive, Ultramarine Green and Jetstream…

London Pantone colours

And here is the New York collection. Out of this selection, I like Peach Nougat. Sandstone and Magenta Purple..:

New York Pantone colours


As in previous posts I’ve compiled a list of the many trends that appeared in the runways shows of London, Paris, NewYork and Milan. Dig into it and pick and choose as you wish if that’s your jam. Try out a couple or all of them…and I bet you already have some in your wardrobe 😉

  • Mahoosive balloon sleeves. The statement sleeve trend shows no signs in stopping.
  • Shimmery gold fabrics
  • All kinds of checks (no surprise here). Mixing of check styles.
  • Fringing (used in unusual combos as well…on blazers for instance.
  • Long overcoats…think leather Matrix-style and channel your inner Neo
  • Head to toe red
  • The skirt suit
  • Oversized volume…very full skirts, huge sleeves, big quilted coats
  • Androgynous looks. Shirts and ties, baggy pants with waist pleats.
  • Brown paired with black
  • Puffball/bubble hems
  • The timeless classic of all black 
  • Brown paired with peach
  • Off-the-shoulder designs…tops, dresses and even jackets
  • Shaggy fur and shearling
  • Cut-out details
  • Victorian styled jackets
  • Preppy sweater vests
  • Jewel shades
  • Lilac
  • Toffee tones
  • Posh knitwear…think knits as evening wear
  • The cardigan in all shapes and sizes…long, shirt, tucked in, fine knits and chunky knits.
  • Capes and ponchos
  • Chic puffa jackets
  • 70s tailoring
  • Statement collars


  • Opera gloves
  • Fashion wellies,
  • Bold chains
  • Sleek riding boots
  • Large bags
  • Large earrings
  • Platform boots
  • Blankets/stoles
  • Soft, squishy handheld bags…think quilted velvet clutches
  • Neckties
  • Pearls

Personally, I love the sound of the riding boots, squishy bags, and pearls.


I’ve trawled through Runway shows and gathered a selection of images that I hope illustrate some of the trend in the list above. If you click on the designer’s name under each image you’ll be taken to the images from their runway show on, so you can check out their whole show…Enjoy!

Runway images.
Alice and Olivia
Bottega Veneta and Anna Sui
Left to right: ALICE AND OLIVIA
Burberry, Chanel and Celine runway images
Left to right: BURBERRY
Chloe. Fendi and Gabriella Hearst runway images
Left to right: CHLOE
Chloe, JW Anderson and Christian Siriano runway images
Left to right: CHLOE
Herms, Lanvin and JW Anderson runway images
Left to right: HERMES
Sportmax, Ulla Johnson and Prada runway images
Left to right: SPORTMAX
Louis Vuitton. Michael Kors and Oscar De La Renta runway images
left to right: LOUIS VUITTON


I had a mooch through some pattern websites and have chosen a few to represent some of the trends, but as always not all pattern companies have their full new season ranges yet (new Vogue designs don’t appear in the UK for a while yet), however many existing designs are suitable to or can be adapted. I bet also, that if you’re a vintage pattern collector you may find some gems that can be tweaked to suit.

Note: be sure to click on the name and pattern number under each photo to be taken to the relevant website.

This next coat is by Vikisews and I’ve used their patterns before here The instructions have photos for each step so are fine to follow. I love their patterns as they seem well-drafted and are also really inexpensive 🙂 Google translate works well on the site.

Sewing Inspiration Autumn Trends 2020
Vikisews coat

The next 2 patterns are from Russian pattern company Grasser. They do have an English language site but I noticed that the red blouse pattern was only available at the moment on the Russian site. Google translate works well though and I understand that all the instructions have accompanying images for each step and so are fine to follow (very similar to Vikisews patterns that I’ve tried before). I’m loving both of these!

PS…I just bought the blouse pattern and the process was ok to follow with Google translate and I was able to pay via Paypal. Stay tuned for a future blog post on my experience making it.

Mimi G has also unveiled her two latest Simplicity patterns too. She has a great looking coat And a casual top and skirt so keep a lookout for them appearing in stores or online.

Well, that’s your lot. I hope you enjoyed this wonder through the new season trends. What colours and styles caught your eye? Let’s have a chat in comments about it and perhaps you could share you sewing plans too.

And in closing, I just want to say thank you to everyone that left such lovely comments on my previous blog post. I appreciate them more than you could know.

See you soon…

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  1. September 13, 2020 / 3:39 pm

    What a great post, Diane! I don’t usually follow the trends but this was very interesting. I enjoyed seeing the pantones and designer trends. I can see myself wearing a few of these looks. Thank you for putting so much work into your great content.

    • diane
      September 13, 2020 / 4:47 pm

      That means a lot to me, Anita, thanks for your lovely comment. I’m not a huge slave to the trends myself but I’m super interested in seeing what the designers show each season…always inspiring and love to add a touch here and there.

  2. Heather Myers
    September 13, 2020 / 11:59 pm

    Thanks for this post! Wearable fadhions, yay! Glad to see your blog is again getting updates and you are well

    • diane
      September 14, 2020 / 9:11 am

      Yes, yay for wearable fashions…I love it too! Thank you, Heather x

  3. Sarah
    September 16, 2020 / 2:22 pm

    Thanks for doing this Diane, everything I’ve known about fashion trends for the past couple of years is down to you. This time not many of them appeal to me personally apart from cardigans, thank goodness individuality is still a thing. However I love the colours, particularly Celery made me chuckle, looks very similar to chartreuse or lime green as it used to be called back in the day xx

    • diane
      September 16, 2020 / 8:03 pm

      Thanks, Sarah 🙂 Hehe, I bet Pantone have a big team of researchers that sit in a room scratching their heads thinking up names for the colours!

  4. September 17, 2020 / 10:48 am

    A fabulous compilation to make sense of a strange season, Diane – thank you! I really enjoy seeing what pops out as you go through the magazines and patterns; pulling those together with the colours – so interesting. I had missed the sleeves on the shirt on V1704 – I love that structure with the stand-up collar. (Although I’m still guffawing at the ‘knee hutch’ in V1725…wtf?) Adore that warm cream shirt + pleated trousers look from Chloe, too…choices, choices…

    • diane
      September 17, 2020 / 11:38 am

      Thanks, Alice! I think as always there are some lovely ideas circulating each season and also always a few that are really…odd…for want of a better word…hehe. I like to take a little inspiration here and there and make it my own. Just looking through the new collections gets me fired up 🙂
      (I know what you mean about that knee gap on Vogue 1725..strange!)

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